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Welcome to SHEWOLF MEDICINEART by Celtae Creatrix, a business born out of my own journey of healing, reclamation of the divine feminine and personal empowerment.

As a survivor of abuse and CPTSD, I have embarked on a path of self-discovery and healing, unearthing the gifts within me that I now seek to share with the world. My mission is to use my multifaceted talents to bring beauty, meaning, and love to others. Drawing from my background as a professionally trained vocalist with over 20 years of experience, I have found a passion for sound healing through intuitive singing. Using vocal tones, soundscapes, various instruments and lyrical messages I have written, I aim to balance chakras, soothe the nervous system, and provide integrative sound medicine and sound baths to individuals and groups seeking loving and healing music.

"Beyond my current offerings, I also provide private QUANTUM HEALING SOUND MEDICINE sessions, intuitive SOUL PORTAL PORTRAITS, oracle and tarot card readings, and have aspirations to complete my training as a TRE Practitioner.”

— Celtae Creatrix, founder
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Custom Soul Portal Portrait Experience

Become a part of an oracle deck that will allow your soul to guide others with your own unique energy. I offer 3 levels of participation, Patron of the Portal, Participant of the Portal, and Seers Portal.
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My goal is to help individuals somatically release stored energetic trauma in their bodies through exercises and somatic vocal practices, followed by integrating their experiences through a sound medicine session (sound bath/sound healing).

At SHEWOLF MEDICINEART and SOUND, my aim is to offer a comprehensive range of tools and offerings that provide comfort and healing on one's journey to wellness. With deep empathy and professional expertise, I am dedicated to helping others transform their lives and find healing through the power of art, sound, and holistic practices. Together, let us embark on a path of growth and empowerment, nurturing our souls and embracing the transformative power of creativity and healing.


— Elaine Northmore
Client Testimony: “Wow! What an awesome treatment I had with Celtae! Her song and light language targeted the pieces of me that needed love and healing. As the song evolved, so did my healing. As she works, Celtae is able to share with you what is happening on your healing journey. Her song intertwines with your energies, unblocking and releasing what your soul needs so it can soar and be free from the chains that are binding it. Celtae is such a beautiful and talented soul. Many blessings and thanks to you, Celtae🦋🌺❤️”


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Private Session (60 mins)
Deep Dive Session (2 hrs)
Public Sound Medicine Concerts
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Book a Vocal Coaching Session

Learn how to align your body to optimize your breath flow and personal power. Discover the confidence to express your authentic sound.